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Film director and video content producer, I am dedicated to inspirational videos for brands. I have created over 40 inspirational campaigns and documentary films aiming commercial or social projects around Europe. My portofolio hosts brands like KPMG, UNICEF, European Council, FAN Courier, IBM, P&G.

My kind of philosophy makes me  look for the inspirational part in the storytelling of any subject or brand, even in the places where others find just dramas.


Brands inspirational videos


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I am the only disabled film director in Romania. My life evolution inspires audiences and I am thankful to have an impact in any place I share my insights. First, I was invited to have a speech in Romanian Parliament, than I was lucky to speak in many conferences or vulnerable communities. I just share my way and revelations hoping that my audiences will have their insights which drive them to change their life or moments.

My belief is that people need inspiration, until they reach to inspire through themselves.


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