Thank you for being with me this year!

done in 2016
Projects for 2017


Inspirational video campaigns

I started this year with a challenge for LIFECARE. As producer and also actor in the viral, I fell in love with riving small aircrafts.

The campaign raised over 1.5M Views and over 40000 Shares.

Thank You Lifecare!

A special campaign for children adoption. Super feeling working with and for them.

One of the most shared romanian campaigns in 2016.

Rostar trusted his marketing team which we have contacted for a viral inspirational proposal.

So we did it like this.

Thank You Colliers for your beautiful culture that we revealed together in this anniversary video.

It was wonderful being with you for a while.

13 Shades of Romanian

I was hired as inspirational speaker in events and I am thankful for this to my following friends and partners

thank you 2016



This project has to be done in 2017. It isy feature film project about a subway wagon stucked in tunnel. For 90 minutes we watch those travellers how they interact, socialize, meet each other. Every one with his story and path. But somehow we are all connected in the world. Until the end, they understand that each day is important for being curious about other lives and stories. 

We have raised 30k from 50k EUR- budget needed until March 2017.

They already invested in this project .

thank you 2016

2 The Next Step

A feature film about a living hero. George Balta crushed his body 10 years ago, in a rugby game. Since then he is using a wheelchair. But his strength made him to fight his condition, to challenge all the people around him, to live a normal life, to beat preconceptions and fears. Now he runs 42km marathons in a tricycle. This will be a true inspirational film based on a true story, acted by the true hero, George Balta himself. 

We need 100k EUR for bringing this film to life.

3 Film Academy Hub

A creative Hub aiming to bring together members of film and creative video industry, under a hood well designed for needs of production, innovation and film education. The Film Academy Hub will deliver 3 months education classes. From 2018 we want it to be the first European Filmmaking Academy-Hub, based in Romania.

We need 40k EUR for opening.

thank you 2016

You can invest in my projects by talking about them to your fellow companies, linking me to investors, or contributing yourself via Paypal or Contact.

Thank You!