Tedy Necula

Film Director & producer, for inspirational stories only.

Wings of The Firebird

First community dance show in Romania.
100 youngsters from different social backgrounds
learn to dance and rehearse for 5 weeks a coreography
on Stravinski’s “The Firebird” piece.
Their transformation inspired a world.

Watch the film. Feel the dance inside you.

The Egg

TV campaign for pregnant women.

Your child needs attention before his birth.

My first inspirational campaign.

Take care of The Egg

In other Words

Prison for women in Cluj, center of Europe.
A group of twenty detained women practice a course in creative writing.
They escape their minds and spirits, tru the beautiful process of writing.

Escape In Other words

Challenge Homophobia in Sport

Campaign made for European Council and ENGSO Youth
created by a group of teenagers, members of LGBT ngo’s
with a little production help from me.
Made in Budapest.

Challenge Homophobia in sport campaign

Life of Water

Inspirational corporate ad campaign for Apa Nova, the water provider company.
When you work with water, you work with life.

Taste the Life of watar - Apanova Campaign

Rare Diseases Day

There are just 5 from 50 000 people who could suffer from a rare disease.
Three campaigns combo for International Rare Diseases Day.
A special rare chance to work with special rare people.
It’s 29th February, anyway.

International Rare Diseases Day Campaign

We are Motivation

In 1995, a group of disabled persons started to build their own wheelchair.
Motivation raised them on top of social services distributors group.
Now, they do not adapt only wheelchairs, but people.
A film campaign for POSDRU

whatch the campaign